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This course is intended for


This course is intended for anyone who needs to speak for a small or large group. Whether you need to present a plan for six people in a meeting room or you are asked to have a chat at the annual company party for six hundred people. This course is also for those who are reluctant to speak in front of a group and finally want to discover that it is a profession you can learn. If you already do presentations regularly, but you want to raise the bar and make more of an impression, you can also learn that with the help of this course.

Years of experience

More then 4500 performances

Tom’s Webinar Studio

To be ready for the future, I have my own state-of-the-art Webinar Studio. Professional light and sound. Three cameras and visuals/videos in a solo production.

Since 1994 I am a full-time comedian and speaker. In the meantime, I have performed more than four thousand shows, both in the theatre and during large business events.

What strikes me regularly at business events is that there is a moderate, uninspired speaker on stage. Then I watch the speaker’s back because he reads his 59 PowerPoint slides off the screen. Either the speaker can’t be heard due to a technical defect, or he’s standing in the dark because otherwise you can’t see the beamer. There are many more examples, some even more painful than others. For many business speakers, there is still a world to win.



This is my latest showreel. In 2020 I spoke in Paris, Delhi, and Namibia at international conventions. Then came the Corona Crisis.

This course is for those who are making the first steps and those who admire to be an outstanding speaker. Like I just mentioned, there is a world to win.

But maybe also for you as a novice speaker. You want to surprise your audience and take them with you into a beautiful story. You want to move them and make them laugh. You want to give them something to think about. You’re not going to achieve that if you just push uninspiring information into the room.


Do you want to get more out of yourself as a speaker and make a difference in your next presentation? I would like to share with you the experience I have gained in the theatre over the past twenty-five years.

move your


Improving yourself as a speaker is not just a matter of reading a book or ten other books. And you don’t succeed if you only try something new once. You have to spend time on it. It goes without saying that you won’t apply all the tips from this course in one go during your next speech. My advice: work step-by-step, first choose one or two tips that you find most important and apply them in your next presentation. Try to find out what works best for you. It’s just a matter of trying until you feel it works.

They have to 

love you

When I give training for public speaking I tell the participants that if you are doing a great job, the audience is a little bit in love with you. 

In a professional way of speaking of course. See this scene, this was after I had a closing Keynote speech in Delhi in India. I had a giveaway for the audience. 134 of the 150 attendees wanted to have a selfie. That is a great feeling when you had a speech.