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Sometimes you have to be flexible. Dealing with other people, in your car, maybe at home…

Also on stage, you have to be flexible, meaning things sometimes don’t work out as you hoped for. Most of the time you adjust, and everything will work out. 

Even if you have an excellent Digital Presentation. Just have in mind. If the projector is not working I will tell my highlights in ten minutes. Believe me, this can be your best performance, mostly because you were prepared. 

Are you


Square promotional video

Square promotional 




I have a great team who set up this course with all the content I deliver. We also have a great studio for the movies. The content is pretty serious, but for the promotion, we try to be unique. Of course, I can tell you what a great course speakertraining.online is, but we must not forget to engage the audience. So, that’s what we try to do. 

If you have an idea for a movie? Let me know.  

We have to


Idea for cartoon

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Let me


How many cartoons do you think are used in the course? 

More than 175!

What you might not know, there is a cartoon after every film you see. That is a wise guy, always grumpy. He looks different to live than I do. But it is a voice and sometimes we can learn from grumpy people. 

Especially if we smile. 

Have you 

Seen him?

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April 2020, speakertraining.online is live. 26 years of experience on stage, writing the book The Speakers Bible and now after months of work in the studio the online course is ready. 

Have a look at the free lessons. The feed back is not only the content, the site itself looks beautiful. 

This blog is also for questions. Maybe another member has the same issue. Please let me know and I will look into it.  

We do it