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Just added: not in the promo movie. Module nr. 7 about the Webinar.

Do you want to get more out of yourself as a speaker and make a difference in your next presentation? I would like to share with you the experience I have gained in the theatre and as a Global Keynote Speaker over the past twenty-six years.

Improving yourself as a speaker is not just a matter of reading a book or ten other books. And you don’t succeed if you only try something new once. You have to spend time on it. It goes without saying that you won’t apply all the tips from this course in one go during your next speech. My advice: work step-by-step, first choose one or two tips that you find most important and apply them in your next presentation. Try to find out what works best for you. It’s just a matter of trying until you feel it works.

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Module nr. 7 the Webinar

A nice saying that applies to your presentation: ‘If you treat something as a hobby, the outcome will be a hobby as well. If you treat something professionally, the result will be professional’.




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