This course will teach you how to

Prepare a speech

Who is your audience, what is the meeting about, what is the purpose of your speech? Ask the right questions before you start saves a lot of time—Seven lessons on this subject.

Write a speech

Even if you only have an idea, there are some great techniques you can use to tell a great story—for example, the Walt Disney Format. Also, use humor in your speech.

Do a tech rehearsal

This is about sound, use of a microphone, the setting of lights, room setting and all aspects we can look at when we are on stage. Unique in a speaker course.

To deliver a speech,

How we deliver a speech is just as important, if not more so than the basic message we are trying to convey to an audience. Stand out by making the difference.


 Just added! Eleven lessons about the Webinar. How to use the camera, tips on an external microphone and how can you keep it interesting? In any case, make sure you are sitting in the light, or stand?

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This course is intended for anyone who needs to speak for a small or large group. Whether you need to present a plan for six people in a meeting room or you are asked to have a chat at the annual company party for six hundred people.

NEW! Module nr. 7 about the Webinar


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